The Deathday Present

Book Club

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 From Emma Berrecloth-Bale:

"Below are three topics that pertain to The Deathday Present. It is not an exhaustive list but can be used by the Chair of your book club to structure discussion. Beneath each heading are three or four questions that participants might like to answer. This is a philosophical novel in essence so many of these topics overlap."


Is the soul finite in embodiment?
What would happen to the value of love and art in a world of immortalists?
Is morality endogenous or exogenous?
Can a society's morality evolve and if so why? eg Can Government policy influence it at the level of the individual and thereby society in general?
Why does it seem to be the case that children are unmoved by the barbarism within history books?


Why has Christianity come to the fore over Islam?
Are we innately secular or religious?
Could Cyto really reconcile the teachings in the Bible with the choice of immortality and the resultant Deathday?
Does the Bible contain absolutes or should its edicts evolve with the manifest developments that Man has to negotiate through his God-given gifts?

Immortality vs mortality

Faced with an unlimited future would we become more dependent on the past?
Would immortalists become more risk averse or greater risk takers? ie Would life become more or less valuable?
Are the Endists the sane ones?
Gerontologists predict that in thirty to fifty years we will be faced with the dilemma of whether to accept immortality treatment. Would you take the treatment?
What Deathday would you choose?

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