The Deathday Present

The Critical Reception
The Deathday Present's combination of challenging philosophical questions with a breathtaking vision of the future appears to have fascinated reviewers. Here we present the latest and most interesting reviews of the book.
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"The best science fiction novel of 2012 was The Deathday Present by Emma Berrecloth-Bale. Dark and unsettling, intelligent and thought provoking, it makes Brave New World read like a script for The Archers."
The Huxley Scientific Press, January 2013
Each little conceit, each fragment of Berrecloth-Bale’s insight allows the reader to spark their own questions, and draw the implications to the farthest possible conclusion ... it is this pervasive exposure of our unthinkingness that makes the book as enjoyable as it is provocative.
Daniel Sperrin, The Oxford Student, March 2013
"`The Deathday Present' is a page turning read from the thrillingly shocking opening chapters to the surprise ending. Few books are able to startle the reader with unforeseen twists and concepts ... this novel is both refreshing and thought provoking."
'Tantamount',, September 2012

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